We are located in southwest Missouri near the town of Shell Knob, which is located on Table Rock Lake.  We live on a 184-acre farm where all of our dogs are able to run, play and swim in the ponds.  Labs and Poodles LOVE the water so this is great fun for them.  Our dogs will even swim in the cold winter months if they get a chance!

My family members are all animal lovers.  We have an African Grey parrot named Zoey who bosses the dogs and puppies.  She talks to the dogs saying such things as “No!”   “Why did you do that?”  “Come on girls.” “Goodnight puppies.” “Wanna go outside?”  She knows the names of all of our dogs!

We also have a Savannah cat named Zahra.  She is quite the hunter and we have to watch  her to make sure she isn’t bringing her “latest catch” into the house. We also raise chickens and love to add to our multi breed flock.


We do have a small 4 stall kennel but our dogs are definitely not “kennel dogs.”  The kennel has a grooming area where they are bathed and groomed regularly.  Our puppies are transferred there at about 4 weeks old so they can learn to use a doggie door to go outside to potty.  Litters born in the winter only go outside if the weather permits when they are 6-7 weeks old.


I have included pictures of our home, farm and kennel for you to see where your puppies are being raised.  We have a room next to our family room that has a heated floor which is great for puppies born in the winter months.  It’s really fun watching them grow and play with each other.

We want you, as a potential puppy buyer, to feel completely comfortable that your new family member is coming from a good environment and is raised with love and care from birth to the time that the puppy comes to live in your home.   Learning a little bit more about our family and where we live will, hopefully, make you comfortable in knowing that your puppy is being raised with quality care prior to their arrival into your family.

You are always welcome to visit our home and kennel.  Just call for an appointment to make sure we will be home.