The Labrador Retriever  has been the most popular breed in America for 26 consecutive years according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). They possess a sweet personality, are good with children and make great family pets.


Standard Poodles have been among the top 10 most popular breeds for 25 years according to AKC.  These dogs are super intelligent, easy to train and they love their people.  We can only expect a cross between these two top breeds to make an outstanding pet.

And so… we have chosen to cross the Standard Poodle with the Labrador Retriever to produce the beautiful standard sized AMERICAN LABRADOODLE!  13254778_1728728297405199_5892756035454190349_o   

The hybrid vigor that results from mixing breeds is just one of the great qualities of this wonderful dog.  To obtain the best qualities this breed can offer, we have chosen to breed 2nd generation  F1b LABRADOODLE  puppies.  They are considered one of the most hypoallergenic dogs breeds and most of them shed very little, if any at all.  They are born in our home to our AKC Poodle dams and our F1 (first generation) Labradoodle sire.  The babies are monitored daily and handled from the beginning.  They are very well socialized by the time they go to their new homes.

At around 4 weeks old we move them to our small kennel so they can learn to use a doggie door.  They are fed a premium diet and played with virtually everyday.  They get used to baths and grooming as this is the life of a labradoodle!

Our chocolate and parti colored puppies come with most all of their immunizations, microchipped, registration papers, 3 generation pedigree, USDA Health Certificate and a 2 year health guarantee.  Our labradoodles sell for $1000.

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